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Especially for people who have already

With it at https getbootstrap. It is quite extensive, but understandable and legible. You don t have to memorize it you just need to know where to look for help in case of a problem. For your convenience, we have described all the sections in it with a brief explanation Getting started – basic information related to the current version and instructions for connecting the framework. Customize possibilities related to adapting the template to the needs of our project. Layout the rules of the website s operation related to the adopted template.

The layout of sections columns advice on responsiveness or positioning of the selected element. Content – ​​a set of proposed styles responsible for the appearance of such elements as images, tables, headers Poland WhatsApp Number List Forms information on the implementation of interactive forms for the user in various forms, e.g. logging in, product inquiry, e mail contact with customer service. Components – a library of ready made components such as breadcrumb, pagination, buttons, photo carousel, navigation. Helpers here you can find the so called.,h_323,al_c,lg_1,q_80,enc_auto/b5765e_0877a2c82ab04f98afe6d568ffefeb2e~mv2.jpg

Protips for colors sticky navigation or hiding or showing. components for your own needs Utilities names of auxiliary classes, thanks to which you can quickly change things such as color, background or border by adding only a class in the HTML code Fun fact In addition to the official Bootstrap documentation, a lot of useful information and tips on how the framework works can be found on one of the world s most popular forums for developers https Cons of using frameworks Using frameworks is simple and intuitive.

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