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Gamified learning: discover its use in e-learning

Electric scooters are a popular alternative to get around, both for economy and sustainability, however, there are different types of batteries for this type of vehicle that determine their autonomy and useful life. Depending on the model, some batteries will come integrated or welded, which facilitates the interaction for charging, but limits the useful life of the vehicle. On the other hand, removable batteries, although they require an additional step to charge them, allow them to be changed when necessary. lithium batteries This is the most widely used type of battery for electric scooters thanks to its high efficiency, low weight and long life.

Lithium batteries get about 90% of the charge without losing acceleration power , but pulling the scooter up to speed will cause a rapid discharge of energy due to the demand. Regarding the Turkey phone number list useful life of this type of batteries, it is estimated that on average they last 500 charging cycles , which, depending on the type of use and care, can range from 4 to 8 years. gel batteries Gel batteries, compared to lithium ones, are less efficient in their energy performance, taking advantage of up to 65% of their charge before their power is reduced.

They are heavier than lithium ones in a ratio of 3 to 1, but they are also cheaper, so for short and undemanding journeys they are not a bad alternative to reduce costs. Its useful life is also shorter with an estimated 2 years of use, since this type of battery loses its storage capacity to the extent that the charges made are not complete (up to 100%). How long does the battery of an electric scooter last? A lithium electric scooter battery normally allows a range of 30 kilometers , although there are some teams with greater autonomy reaching up to 45, everything will depend on the model.

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