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A person who is very active on private

This requires the use of old good practices, in which the Internet is also very helpful today. More and more attention is paid to the conscious building of one's brand in social media. It's about the right choice of places where we post our profile, as well as well-thought-out and accurately captured the content of verbal information and images that represent us. More and more often, to build these profiles, professionals are used to create the appropriate content and visualization. And we're not talking about showing off here, but rather about making your presence known so that you can be found.

It is worth presenting yourself from the best side so as not to miss the chance for the job we care about - the once repeated rule "Sit in the corner - they will find you" is now very outdated! It is also worth remembering that not only profiles count, but also articles and photos that we publish on the Internet, as well as posts that we like or share. Recruiting professionals India WhatsApp Number List try to screen potential Candidates by analyzing their Internet activity, taking into account not only what, but also to what extent and at what time they do it. For example, topics on Facebook during working hours may be rated negatively for this reason alone. We also had a case where a young manager, who was very positively assessed by our client during a direct interview, had a lot of his "highly entertaining" photos on the Internet.,h_420,al_c,lg_1,q_80,enc_auto/c67df2_bec22452c46e417e858b5653df1f8c15~mv2.jpg

Unfortunately, this resulted in a change in the opinion of the client, who became convinced that he was still too immature . We also had an example of developing a very positive opinion about another person, mainly based on the analysis of content that was promoted by him on various social networking sites. Such an analysis can be done either by painstakingly searching for data "manually", or by using specialized tools or companies. This is worth considering when we sit down to the Internet.

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